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More licences and flying action

I just realised I haven’t added anything since July, just shows how busy it has been.

Congratulations for licences issued include locals Justin Anderson and Nick Mcrae and visiting ARTC railway man Kevin Starr from Bathurst. Sal Anderson also achieved a passenger endorsement and has been busy taking family and friends for flights around the local area.

We have also been kept busy flying with 10 visiting budding aviators during the school holidays who attended the recent TAFE course in aviation. Alan and Jill flew with 10 students in 2 days, with all enjoying the opportunity to convert the theory learnt into practice.

We would also like to welcome new club members and students Geoff Gasior from Coonabarabran, Richard McCarthy from Mimosa, and a special welcome back to flying training to Leah Wells. Leah is also taking on a social role encouraging members to get together on the third Friday of each month for a casual dinner in addition to the regular Friday night social drinks. Scott Taubman has also enthused his sister Amanda, and there is some friendly rivalry between the siblings as to who will attain their licence first.

On Wednesday 5th the club was packed with club members from all over the area to hear a CASA safety seminar. The session from Country Energy provided some extremely interesting information about power lines and assistance in locating and operating in areas with power lines. Teraya Miller from CASA also provided a lecture about VFR into IMC which proved thought provoking.   

It was also good to see Lindsay Wallace back in the instructing role over the past weekend, with Lindsay settling in well over in his new job in Goulburn.

Both Sierra’s continue to perform extremely well, with students and instructors enjoying the recent agreeable flying conditions.

Tuesday night pilot nights have been put on hold until the weather warms up. If you have any suggestions about subjects for the future, please let Jill or Alan know.

Safe flying until next time. Jill