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Avgas - Please call listed telephone contacts on fuel bowser for after hours assistance or contact the club for pre-arranged refuelling
No JET fuel is available at Temora.

Aircraft Parking
Visiting aircraft are usually parked on the grass on the western side of the Aero Club hangar. On very busy days the Aero Club will roster a parking officer to assist visitors in locating a suitable position.
Temora has a thriving aviation community
# Current activities include: Active Aero Club sponsoring a number of major aviation events each year
# Active Gliding Club
# General aviation training
# Full time ultralight flying school
# Aircraft maintenance facilities
# Parachuting
# A world class aviation museum consisting of flying aircraft as well as static displays

Temora Aero Club
The Aero Club (300 + members) regularly host national and state major aviation events including GA fly-Ins, gliding and aerobatic competitions.

Temora Aviation Museum
In recent times, developments such as the expansion of the Temora Aviation Museum have increased this profile. The museum has a current investment in excess of $15M and has attracted up to 4000 aviation enthusiasts per month to the Temora aerodrome. Significant aircraft maintenance facilities have been constructed for the museum and more is to come. Flying dates can be found here.

Temora Skydive
You can enjoy the thrill and adventure of free fall skydiving whilst harnessed to a senior Tandem Instructor. Only 20 minutes training and you can feel the exhilaration of travelling at 180 kph followed by a 5 minute parachute ride, which you can fly! It's 100% pure fun, so simple that virtually anyone can have a go!

**Please Note**
Walking between parked aircraft and the museum across the taxi way is prohibited by council regulations. Please use the pathway provided on the southern side of the road after exiting the airfield.
Other Aviation Activities
The scope for the further development of aviation related business in Temora is expanding at a significant pace and the local Shire Council is supporting and inviting new aviation based business to the area.

A great place to live work and play.Temora has all the benefits of a great location, great weather and great people and great lifestyle and is located a few hours drive from the major capitals