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Coming Events 2013

* Monthy Meetings – 2nd Thursday of each month – 7:30pm club room

14th Feb

14th March

11th April

Meetings are open to all interested members and friends

* AGM 2013

Saturday 16th March – 6:00pm

*Point Cook Fly-In

6-7th April- Temora

*Angel Flight Fly

20-21 April- Temora

* National Aerobatic Championships

16th November – Temora

Sunday Morning Breakfast Fly-In

The Sunday Morning Breakfast Fly-in, held 19th February, brought together over 20 club members and friends.

Two members  flew in from private  fields and other members at Temora set to the skies- about ten planes all up!

The Club intends to make this a monthly event and will post coming dates.



Warbirds Downunder

This event organized by the Temora Aviation Museum November 19, 2011 will be an airshow featuring a collection of warbird aircraft and current serving military aircraft. The Temora Aviation Museum, Temora Shire Council and the Temora Aeroclub are implementing arrival, departure and parking procedures for all visiting aircraft.

As a club member, if you wish to help the club in any way for this event, please email Peter Franke, our secretary at temoraaeroclub@gmail.com

Weather Station

An Automatic Weather Station at the aerodrome has begun transmitting on 134.45MHz. The broadcast range should be 30 nautical miles.

Temora Aero Club Christmas Party

The Christmas party will be held at the club rooms on Saturday 10th December 6:00pm. A sign up sheet is on the kitchen table or email the club at temoraaeroclub@gmail.com See you there!

Update – Temora Aero Club Events

Update -  Temora Aero Club Events


These past few weeks have been busy ones for the Temora Aero Club. The Antique Aircraft Association of Australia and Auster Rally at the beginning of October brought a fleet of planes to the airfield and enjoyed the club activities. The weather prevented some from flying in but from all reports, members took away good memories of Temora and the club’s hospitality

On the  28th-31st of October the NSW Aerobatic Championships will be held on the field. This group has been coming to the Temora Aero Club for the past few years delighting members of the community with their judged displays.

At the end of November and beginning of December the NSW State Gliding Championships will be held at Temora. This event affords many club members and community people to view gliding in all aspects: preparation for the day’s flying, launching by the Pawnee and local soaring as gliders seek thermals to begin tasks set for the day.

A reminder to aero club members and friends that each Wednesday morning at 10:00am, the club rooms are open for a cuppa and weather permitting, an excuse to explore the skies!  We also have a social get together on Friday evenings around 5:30-6:00pm for a drink at the club’s bar. All are welcome!


Human Factors course Saturday May 21st

Hi All,

We will be offering a Human Factors training course again on Saturday May 21st at Hangar 23 Temora Flight Training. Any RA-Aus pilots who haven’t undertaken this training will need this course before their next BFR, along with any new students.  Brad Lochrin, ambo from Boorowa and Ra-Aus pilot, will once again be presenting this interesting and thought provoking course, and all are welcome to attend.

As in the past $35 covers the course coffee breaks and lunch. Bring your logbook and any note taking material you need.

Book now with Jill on 0412 409171 or training@temoraflighttraining.com

Human Factors Course 11th December 2010

Hi all,

We are running our last Human Factors Course for the year on Saturday December 11th at the Temora Flight Training hangar. As previously run, the course will start at 9.00am with coffee and lunch break and probably finish at 2.00pm. Cost is $35 including lunch, please bring your logbook to the course, along with any note taking materials you might need.

Don’t forget, if your RA-Aus BFR is due soon, you need this Human Factors Course to achieve a BFR as the cut off date was September this year.

To book call Jill on 0412 409 171 or email training@temoraflighttraining.com

Coming Event – MARCH 2011 90th Royal Australian Air Force Air Rally

On the 28th March, 2011, the 90th Royal Australian Air Force Rally will arrive at Temora on day one of a rally that will take them to three original early training school sites.  Members of the Temora Aero Club Committee have been meeting with representatives from Point Cook, the Temora Council and Rod Luke who is the main organiser of this important event.  More that 50 aircraft will arrive during Monday and will lunch at the club house.  A Special dinner will take place at the museum that evening and then the group will depart through the day on Tuesday after having breakfast at the club.

The Temora Council has been involved in publicity and invitations to school groups to come to the airfield and be part of this special occasion and the aero club will provide meals.

More information about this rally will appear through the following months.

Human Factors Course 19th September

Howdy all,

We will be holding another Human Factors Course on Sunday the 19th September.  As many of you know this subject is a mandatory part of holding an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate so even though we will be continuing to hold these throughout the year you should try to knock it over before September if you can.

Cost is $35 including lunch, and you should also bring your logbook along. The course should go from 9.00am to 2.30pm with coffee and lunch breaks.

Contact Jill on 0412 409171 or email training@temoraflighttraining.com to advise if you can attend and for further info and venue details.

Human Factors Course 27th June

Hi All,

Temora Flight Training is holding our next Human Factors course on Sunday June 27th at Temora Aero Club.

As with previous courses, it will start at 9.00am, with a sumptous sausage sandwich for lunch, continuing on til approx. 3pm for $35.

Bookings are essential to Jill on 0412 409171, and don’t forget  to bring your logbook.

See you there,


The mighty Luscombe arrives

The mighty Luscombe arrives 29092009




A very exciting day on September 29th, with a huge crowd at the museum to see Justin and Sal Anderson’s Luscombe arrive. Rod Luke and Simon Pike flew to Gympie the previous day to pick it up and enjoyed two of the best days flying in recent weeks to bring her home.

The Oshkosh in the background provided the appropriate welcome, along with a crowd of Aero Club and Museum onlookers. Congratulations Sal and Justin.

Congratulations also to Robyn Otley, who achieved her Pilot Certificate on the 5th October. Husband Garath has been working hard on the new hangar and was heard to be thrilled with the news. “Now I can relax and let Robyn fly me everywhere”, was one comment overheard.

Upcoming events at the Aero Club include another TAFE course and another session of Wheelies with Wings.

The other big news is the awarding of the hosting of RA-Aus Natfly to Temora for 3 years. Held over the Easter weekend, this event promises to firmly cement Temora as the hub of aviation activity and will create a lot of interest.

Safe flying,